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I Tim 1: 5

Now the end of the commandment is charity out of a pure heart, and of a good conscience, and: of faith unfeigned:

The spirit of the Ministry


The Motivation

The Pastor/Founder is a Marine Corps veteran who rendered 22 years of honorable service to protect against earthly enemies.  He decided to join in the "Faith Fight" against all spiritual enemies.


The Unfeigned Faith

Unfeigned means unhypocritical, genuine, true, or real.  Therefore, unfeigned faith is faith that is unhypocritical, genuine, true, or real.  Real Faith that is based on what God says which is the only type of faith that triumphs over everything.


The Strategy

Satan, the enemy of Almighty God and those of us who worships Him, does not overcome us by his angelic power, he does it by trickery.  What we have to continually do is; resist him


The Mission

 The primary goal of this ministry is to take the unfeigned gospel (good news) all over the world; wherever God instructs. Changing lives and making a difference through the teaching of sound doctrine and focused outreach; faith and understanding will increase in the current believer and those looking toward the hope of Christ Jesus. 


The Vision

 This ministry will not only function as a place of Christian fellowship but a people-building resource for the immediate and surrounding communities. Basically, the vision is to see  who everyone encounters this ministry, whether abroad or domestic, prospers both spiritually and naturally.